*  Respect for the

Races take place in fragile natural environments. All players involved with trail-running races, runners, organisers, partners, accompanying persons make a commitment to protect the natural equilibrium.

Organisers of trail-running races must do all they can to reduce the negative impact linked to the running of their races. They make a commitment by sharing information and making efforts to educate in order to contribute to the general awareness of the natural environment’s fragility.
Each organiser will identify the environmental risks engendered by their event and propose concrete actions to reduce the risks to the minimum. They will encourage the use of public transport or car-sharing and limit, as much as they can, the use of other motorised equipment.
Each runner makes a commitment to adopt the most relevant behaviour to minimize his or her impact on the terrain through which he or she passes.

Together, the members of the trail-running community act as ambassadors for the promotion and conservation of natural environments.


Performance index

Trail categoryCotation ( / 1000)Men's best cotation
GENERAL 732 951
XXL 670 912
XL 730 901
L 726 919
M 684 943
S - 913
XS - 908

About me

Age : 31 years old (1987)
Nationality : Russia

Trail Running

My favourite races

Trail Del Cinghiale 2017 - 90Km

Italie - Toscana
90km 25 November 2017

Ultra Trail Lago D'orta 2018 - Utlo 82 Km

Italie - Piemonte
82km 20 October 2018

Elbrus World Race 2017 - Elbrus Mountain Race

Russie - Kabardin-Balkar
111km 3 August 2017