*  Respect for the

Races take place in fragile natural environments. All players involved with trail-running races, runners, organisers, partners, accompanying persons make a commitment to protect the natural equilibrium.

Organisers of trail-running races must do all they can to reduce the negative impact linked to the running of their races. They make a commitment by sharing information and making efforts to educate in order to contribute to the general awareness of the natural environment’s fragility.
Each organiser will identify the environmental risks engendered by their event and propose concrete actions to reduce the risks to the minimum. They will encourage the use of public transport or car-sharing and limit, as much as they can, the use of other motorised equipment.
Each runner makes a commitment to adopt the most relevant behaviour to minimize his or her impact on the terrain through which he or she passes.

Together, the members of the trail-running community act as ambassadors for the promotion and conservation of natural environments.

National representatives

What is a national representative of the ITRA ?

The main role of the national runner's or organiser's representative, as defined by the ITRA's regulations, is to represent all the sporting or organiser members of their country at the ITRA's Annual General Meeting.

The national representative has the right to vote during the AGM, notably to approve the previous year's accounts and to vote on the annual budget, and to elect, every four years, the members of the ITRA's executive committee.

The weight of vote of every national Representative during the annual general assembly depends upon the number of ITRA member runners or organisers from the country which they represent (more details on the AGM page).

The participation of the national representative, physical or via video conference, is therefore essential for the good running of the annual general meeting.

This role during the annual general meeting has to be accompanied by active participation throughout the year.

In close collaboration with each other, each country's national runners' or organisers' Representatives relay the ITRA's information to the sporting and organiser members that country. So, they actively participate in spreading information about the ITRA and its missions to all players within the trail-running world (runners, organisers, national athletics federations, brands, media...) in their country.

Always in strict collaboration with each other, the national runners' and organisers' representatives carry the voice of their national community to the ITRA's executive committee.

In strict liaison with the committee and with the help of the ITRA's permanent team, the national representative may also be asked to represent the ITRA at different meetings or national events, so as to favour exchange and and dialogue between the different players of the trail-running world and actively participate with them in the development of the discipline.

The national runners' and organisers' representatives will be the strength of a proposal put to to the committee to strengthen relations with all the players of the trail-running world in their country, in particular by actively favouring any form of collaborative or partnership actions with their country's National Federation of Athletics or media.

To accomplish this mission, the national representative must understand and approve of the ethical charter and the ITRA's objectives. They must also have a thorough knowledge of the ITRA's policy and all its missions. This knowledge is gained from the ITRA's management team, and permanent staff, through the ITRA website informative letters, exchange of emails or phone calls or through video conferences.

When are the national representatives elected?

Every two years, at least a fortnight before the date of the annual general meeting.

Who votes ?

All individual or organiser members whose membership payments are up to date.

Who can be a candidate?

  • For the runners' national representative : any individual ITRA member, whose membership is up to date, who is a national or resident of the country which they wish to represent, who participated at least once in a Trail-Running event in the last twenty-four months before the first day of his membership.
  • For the national organisers' representative : any person who occupies a leading role, elected or salaried, at the heart of an ITRA member organisation. This person will be a candidate for the country in which the organiser member is based.

How to candidate ?

You have to send your candidacy by e-mail to contact@itra.run and if you wish join a profession of faith (free format in pdf with 1 page maximum) including :

  • your identity (first name, surname, date of birth...)
  • a photo of you
  • your résumé : job position, sporting achievements, associative experiences...
  • your motivation

How does the vote take place ?

It is a vote for a single member in a single round, by a simple majority of the votes cast, the candidate who obtains the most is therefore appointed, and the second becomes a deputy. In the case of equality at the end of the vote, the oldest candidate will be deemed winner the vote is electronic via the on-line platform balotilo.org

Agenda for the 2017 elections

  • Friday, April 14th 2017 : information to all ITRA members and a call for candidates
  • Sunday April 30th 2017 at midnight (Paris time): deadline for the submission of candidates and constitution of voter's lists by country.
    NB : this means that only members, individuals or organisers, who are up to date with their membership at midnight on April 30th (Paris time) may vote
  • Tuesday May 2nd 2017 : the list of candidates sent to all electors
  • Between Monday 8th and Friday 12th May: election (each voter will receive an email with a link to the platform balotilo.org)
  • Monday May 15th : counting of the votes and publication of the results

Candidates for the 2017 elections

Find the list of candidates by their country and category here (runners / organisers).

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